The Night

June 18, 2010

There is tremendous beauty in the nighttime. Something fills the air. Everything is at rest, and everything at rest is oftentimes much more beautiful than when it is active. A baby’s laughter is endearing, but seeing the child asleep brings a peace beyond words. A woman or man’s character in social events is charming, but nothing compares to the beauty of this person at peace, tranquil and content. It seems that the fences we woke up so early in the dawn to build up around our hearts and spirits were thankfully torn down at some point during the day, on the respite of a lunch break, in the silence of a car ride home, in the rain before bedtime.

I have had the greatest pleasure of helping, brick by cumbersome brick, remove the heavy walls that seal us away from one another, from community and fellowship, with some of the people who God has placed in my life. A day spent together is enchanting, but a conversation with a sister at night seals a bond like nothing else. Within the governing of decency and in keeping with one’s testimony, there is a lot to be said about the conversations that take place at night, when a weary spirit, tired of fighting, lowers it’s heavy shield and becomes vulnerable in that beautiful, peaceful (but please please please don’t forget holy and righteous) way that the night, or maybe early morning, can bring (before the coffee “awakes”, but really, numbs you to one another… I should know).

It was in one of many late-night car rides that I was able to truly build with a brother, aided by a sweet serenade from one of the great musicians of our time on the car stereo. More recently, it happened in a crowded restaurant, surrounded by our friends and greasy food, but somehow a vulnerability crept in that we were able to coax forth and nurture, which in turn coaxed forth and nurtured a budding friendship.

This can surely, and very often does, happen in the day, but there is something beautiful to be said about the night.